• Author

    Ben Howdle built and maintains this site, and supplies all of the content posted.

    Ben Howdle

  • Aims

    The aim of this site is to provide an on-going look into the often neglected parts of JavaScript, the DOM API, AJAX, and other related concepts. Some posts may fall into the slightly cliche category of "tip 'n tricks", but the main goal, is that everything you see or learn from this site will be applicable in code you work with or write yourself.

  • Format

    Posts will be as in-depth and hands-on as is possible in the written format. Code samples will be the primary focus of each post, with subsequent explanations of the code/concept in question.

  • Content

    All content is held on GitHub as a Jekyll site, with all the posts in Markdown format. If you happen to spot any syntactical errors or questionable code, I'm open if you would like to raise and issue on the repo or one better, submit a pull request.

  • Input

    I really do hope this site helps clear a lot of muddy areas up for you, and I'm all for steering new content in directions you'd like to hear/read/learn about, so please do drop me a tweet with post suggestions and we can go from there.